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We strive to align our athletes with corporate brands and charities that best reflect their passions and beliefs.



Who We Support


Fritz Martin Management is proud to represent talented rookies making their transition into the NFL Draft. At Fritz Martin, we believe that building an athlete’s brand is just as important as building a reputation on the playing field. When the game is gone, your brand is what will remain. Our team at Fritz Martin Management works tirelessly to help rookies build, and sustain a brand that will allow them to be successful long after their playing career is over.

Current Athletes

At Fritz Martin Management, we understand the demands of a professional athlete. With this in mind, we focus on handling your off-the-field work, so you can continue to focus on your game and develop your craft.

Retired Athletes

The games may have ended, but your career has just begun. At Fritz Martin Management, we maintain your relevance through continued fan engagement, broadcast exposure, and current events. This exposure is leveraged to secure endorsements, appearances and speaking engagements with corporate brands.

Corporate Partners

As Marketers, we assist start-ups and long standing corporations with market change. The landscape of consumer behavior is constantly evolving. At Fritz Martin Management, we help companies track demographic spending, and tailor their brand to establish credibility and long-term loyalty for products and services.

Our Clients

Meet the Team

Our team is constantly evolving with market change. As marketing leaders, we develop blockbuster campaigns, driving dramatic increases in traffic, revenue, market share, and brand recognition for clients in a wide range of industries including sports, entertainment, consumer products, apparel, electronics, food, beverage and sporting goods. We are adept to managing high-profile campaigns that leverage the value of celebrity talent.

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